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The Varied Experience of Kevin Collinson

After receiving National Awards for Rapid Growth, Customer Service and Global Innovation, Kevin Collinson went from business heaven to business hell . This first hand experience of building high profile national businesses from scratch is only part of the experience that you will benefit from if there is a fit for us to work together.

You will also gain from the experience of the impact of dirty tricks that you can be on the receiving end of if you end up in the Business Distress section of intensive banking. A Kevin Collinson owned business was involved with a successful first stage of a
business turnaround only to fail later. This began when the bank reduced his business overdraft down from 405,000 to 150,000 within a six month period and transferred to Specialised Lending Services. This distress area of the bank is not a nice place to be. The business survived this initial major setback, but this period sowed the seeds of the eventual demise of the company.

Kevin Collinson and Why He Operates in the Business Turnaround Sector

When the Business Turnaround failed, Kevin Collinson lost his 13 Roomed Victorian House, 2 Cars, Son out of private school, etc. I can understand why so many people’s marriages breakdown, contemplate suicide and become financially and emotionally broken. The reason why I went into the Business Support Sector was to protect people from the sea of vultures who play a great little game that you are blind to and they line their pockets very well out of it at the same time. This was a very testing and stressful time for every member of my family.

crisis controlBusiness Turnaround and Business Distress Sectors

The Business Support Sectors, according to Kevin Collinson, are littered with Experts who have never walked the desperate path of a failed business owner or business leader. They all have a matrix and a system, that works some of the time, but carry themselves well as Experts.

The failure rate of Turnarounds are frightening and the industry typically believes that over 80% of turnarounds fail. A business belonging to Kevin Collinson comes into one of these sets of statistics. The Greatest Asset of a business cannot be found accurately on a balance sheet.  There is no line on any set of accounts that shows the value of  the people within the company. There is a line on the accounts that shows the cost of people, but not the value of people. This is the accountancy culture that dominates turnaround solutions that are available.

Unfortunately, most turnarounds are provided by accountants and operational types of people. How many linear thinkers have ever inspired you to give more than you thought you could ever give? If you answered honestly the answer would be none. If you are lucky a linear black and white inspirational leader that operates without coercion may exist, if you have enough time to find one them out there!

The Kevin Collinson Inspired  Business Turnaround

Yes you need a matrix, yes you need a system, yes you need cash flow control, etc, but what you also need is a passionate inspired team who are connected to the purpose of the Company. This Why is not superficial and part of a box ticking exercise, it is something that oozes from all tiers of the organisation. It is this shared passionate purpose that will unify and galvanise a team so that spectacular results occur as a matter of course


Don’t get me wrong, you still need the team that is balanced and still takes care of the traditional routes of Turnaround like cash flow, funding lines, staff numbers, manufacturing work-in-progress, stock levels, stock cycles, communicating and keeping stakeholders on side, etc. However, you need inspiration, passion, persistence, drive, focus, presence, etc and there is no better catalyst than delivering upon Key Result Areas that are connected to the Why of a company which people are passionate and care about.

Kevin Collinson Has A Proven Track Record of Being Exceptional in Business

The Why for our business is simple, to Help Businesses and Entrepreneurs Be Exceptional. This is only possible with the right team, with the right perpetually innovative culture, with the right systems and processes that works within strict budgets. We achieve this by co-creating a business model with the people of the business that can thrive in your business sector. There are 12 Universal Principles that are provided by Kevin Collinson, some defy convention and are extremely counter-intuitive, but are fun and they assist with business transformation.